Accountant Book Plus

Eliminate Your Paperwork Nightmares!

Communicate Effectively Accountant Book Plus allows you to provide needed information, such as tax returns, financial statements, memoranda and other communications, through a secure web delivery system. The system is intuitive, easy to use and fast. You designate who may receive any or all documents. The system allows you to email Users to let them know documents are available. Users may select to receive all documents, recently updated documents or selected documents.
Improve Efficiency Accountant Book Plus allows you to distribute information with a minimum of effort and time. Authorized people may upload authorized documents to the secure site with the provided Upload Tool. Subsequent clients require only subsequent uploads.
Differentiate Your Services Accountant Book Plus provides one organized online file, which includes an interactive Table Of Contents, to your clients.
Receive Feedback Accountant Book Plus automatically notifies you when documents are downloaded and uploaded and by whom. This detailed notification provides the security of knowing when information was delivered and enables you to continue with your business process.

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Affordable The monthly fee is $50 per month per professional and includes training your personnel to add clients and users.
Flexible A web based tool is provided to allow your organization to designate:
  • to whom each document is available
  • who may use the system -- an unlimited number of clients and Users
  • who may upload documents
Secure The system and access to the system are completely secure
  • All uploading and downloading of documents use 128 bit SSL encryption
  • Users login with a username and their own password
  • All documents and other data is stored encrypted (128 bit) on the web site
  • Only users designated by the organization may use the system
  • Users may see only those documents designated by the organization
Responsive The system automatically notifies you via email and reports:
  • when and what documents are downloaded by Users
  • when and what documents are uploaded to the web site
  • if some unauthorized person attempts to use the system
Easy Training and customer support for company personnel are included

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